MONA Museum

Our weekend adventures continued today with a visit to MONA, the museum of old and new art, located just north of Hobart.

We visited the museum back in February last year and enjoyed it so thought we would now come back to view the latest collection (and given Tasmanian residents can access it for free by just showing your drivers licence is all the better). From the initial drive in through the grape vines you can wander around the ground as you wish.


There are 2 rusted metal pieces which I think are the bets pieces of all. The truck below is near the entry to the museum next to the randomly placed tennis court.


This chapel below is so intricate and scary inside with stained glass panels with skeletons and other random creepy pieces inside.

DSC_0008.jpgDSC_0010 - Version 2.jpgDSC_0011.jpg

The view around the grounds and over the water is also very calming and peaceful.


Inside the museum, you enter through a mirrored doorway and then venture down into the ground where they have carved out 3 levels in which all the art is displayed.

The sandstone walls are just to die for and add to the experience. We sat down for a drink at the void museum bar and even the drinks were fancy as.


The main pieces below were my favourites from the “On the Origin of Art” exhibition which is running until 17 April.


Overall an enjoyable day out that cost us very little and continues our ever-growing knowledge and experiences within Tasmania.

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