Tahune Forest Air Walk

Our weekend adventures continued today as we ventured down through the Huon to Tahune Forest Air Walk in Geeveston. Only 1.5 hours drive from Hobart, southern Tasmania showed us some spectacular sights from up in the trees and over the water.

Driving through the Huon Valley we passed through many growers from apples to cherries and many more. DSC_0012.jpgDSC_0013.jpg

As soon as we entered the Tahune Forest Reserve, which is managed by Forestry Tasmania,  we entered a totally different environment. The rainforest below this very short and steep lookout were greener than ever.



Just up the road we arrived at the Tahune Forest Air Walk. After venturing over the bridge and in disbelief of the flood level signs (below) which included the flood of just 6 months prior, we ventured up the stairs arrived at the Air Walk. Situated around 20-30 metres above the ground it was a great walk around. 619 metres long it takes you all the way around and through the forest and above the Huon River.


Right at the end of the Air Walk there is a cantilever section (below) which hangs out over the river and does wobble away given it isn’t supported but gave us the best view of the river below.


We then walked through the bush and rainforest to the two swinging bridges that hang over the Huon River. These were a lot of fun and certainly a challenge trying to take a photo when swinging around. You will notice that the water in the Huon River is very brown as it takes on a tea-colour from high tannin in the water.  Apparently this is because they are fed by mountain streams that have flown through alpine heathlands dominated by button-grass, a tussock grass common in the central highlands and other mountainous regions in Tasmania.


On the drive back we enjoyed the winding roads and changing temps as we changed from lush green rainforest to tall timber plantations, mountains and water views. Another Sunday well spent.


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