Venturing into the Wilderness

This morning we set off North of Hobart and then headed far West into the national parks and further into the wilderness of Tasmania. It was a whole different region and changed from rainforest to rocky mountains to rivers and dams so quickly I felt we travelled through so many different countries within a period of just 2 hours.


The main reason for our venture out west was to see Gordon Dam and once we arrived it was a sight for sore eyes. Albeit a bit wet and rainy it surely didn’t stop us from enjoying the views and climbing down all the stairs for a walk along the wall.


There were a number of mad people out abseiling down the wall and although the thought of abseiling does sound fun the number of ladders that you need to climb to get back up in the wet doesn’t sound enjoyable.


We walked along the wall and took in the views and the extreme heights although the photos just don’t do it justice


The Sentinel Range felt like a different planet and really has the be seen in person.


We also stopped off at one of the lookouts over the water and I’m happy to report the Skyline is still going strong and it perfect for these winding roads.


We are really enjoying being able to venture out just a few hours out of town and be surrounded by views such as these. Only a few days left of the break before I head back to work and Clint starts his new job so we will make the most of this time and see as much as possible.


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