I’ve always wanted to become more self sufficient by growing more food and becoming less reliant on others and this has also made me want to consider composting to reduce waste.

This hope became more of a need recently as the council we moved into only does a fortnightly bin collection for both household and recycling and the bins are tiny, almost half the size of the ones I had in WA. Therefore there was no time like the present to turn our minds to becoming greener and going out to purchase a composting bin.

The aim is to start small and see how this bin progresses before (hopefully) moving to a number of bins on rotation. We have the 3 seperate bins ready to go in the kitchen and have already realised through some research how many different things can be composted. The shredder has also been unpacked and every bit of cardboard and paper that enters this house that isn’t needed will be shredded and added into the bin.

Over the course of the last few days we are becoming more aware of what waste we have and ensuring we compost everything possible. Progress has been positive and it makes me happy to know that all of this waste that would’ve normally just gone to the tip can be broken down and then used as a fertiliser in the garden to assist with growing further fruits, veggies and herbs.

It’s now ready for a layer or lawn clippings and given how much grass we have out the back we aren’t going to have any shortage of lawn clippings.I also invested in some welly boots because we have quite a wet yard and well they are Hunter boots.

Anyway, back to the composting I have found a few other things around the house to be used such as the lint from the dryer, used tissues, used paper towels, cardboard from the toilet rolls and paper towels. All this in addition to the egg shells, greens, and leaves we have laying around its starting to take shape.

We are only just starting out and the compost pile will take a number of months to decompose so I hope to keep everyone updated as we progress further into the new year.

If anyone knows of any tips or tricks they think will help feel free to leave a comment.

I also managed to get a photo of those huge bumble bees that are flying around our yard so I’ll leave you with a photo I managed to get.


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