Christmas in Tasmania 🎄 

Preparations began on Christmas Eve with a trip down to Hobart waterfront to purchase fresh seafood that come straight off the fishing boats into these great little shops on the water.

I picked up some fresh oysters which came in from Bruny island and some prawns. All for me as Clint isn’t a big fan of seafood.

I then enjoyed a stroll along the water and up to Salamanca markets which were bustling with locals and tourists alike.

Once I collected some fruit, vegetables and fresh flowers I wandered back to the car with my bags full of goods.

I spent the rest of the day pottering around the house and garden and prepping some food for Christmas Day before enjoying a bit of the seafood for dinner.

As Christmas Day rolled around we were up rather early to enjoy a coffee whilst opening up all the pressies. I added some more jewellery from Midsummer Star to my growing collection and Clint managed to score some car parts and a bottle of local Tasmanian bourbon

We then cooked up some bacon, eggs and mushrooms and sat on the deck for breakfast as the birds fluttered around us.

Mid morning we were able to start making calls back to the family in Perth and hear that the present buying was a success!

I then moved back into the kitchen and glazed the ham ready for the oven. After a few hours and multiple re-applications of the glaze it came out glistening.

A few cocktails along the way made the cooking time fly by and after a quick rest out the back to start reading my new book we were ready to sit down for lunch.

A lot of food for 2 people but I’m not looking at cooking for a couple of days so this will definitely help. It turned out to be quite the spread.


After a rest on the couch and a midday movie we then had made some room for dessert. Chocolate brownie with icecream and fresh cherries, it surely went down a treat.


The rest of the day has involved lazing on the couch, watching a bit of TV, reading books and seeing what everyone is up to on social media. We will likely have a very easy going night. I hope everyone else’s Christmas has been a joyful one and I’m now looking forward to seeing the boats from the Sydney to Hobart sail into Hobart in a few days time.

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