Settling in and preparing for Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ย 

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last blog post. So much has happened and with only a few days left of work we are preparing for a two man show for Christmas. It’s going to be very strange not to be surrounded by family this year but we’ve been in constant contact so you’d barely know we’d left the state almost 3 months ago.

The first good news is the fact we have secured a rental property! I’m sure Clint went to view around 20-30 properties in the end before we finally got locked into a place only a few minutes from work. 1 set of traffic lights, 3 streets and 1 roundabout and I’m in the driveway at work within a few minutes.

dsc_0314 dsc_0311 dsc_0310

The house itself is large, a 4 x 2, which since we begun the unpacking we were quickly happy we went for a big place as we have so much furniture! It also has a large workshop out the back for Clint to tinker around in and plenty of garden for me, being on around 1000sqms. There’s been 2 trips up north to Devonport to empty our shipping container (one Clint on his own) but we have managed to empty it completely besides 1 car. Poor lonely Torana.

We are now settling into the house and will be happy not to see any cardboard boxes for a while. The bedroom is light filled and has floor to ceiling wardrobes which Clint was very nice to give all to me! He’s using the ones in the bedroom next door and I’m in heaven.

dsc_0293 dsc_0298 dsc_0300

The bathroom is awesome and has a twin shower head depending on whether you feel like rain or just a soothing spray and hopefully over the break I can use the bath.

dsc_0284 dsc_0285

Given the amount of established trees on the block we are surrounded by a whole array of bird life throughout the day. There are also these huge bumble bees ๐Ÿ flying around that are so fluffy- I hope to get my camera to hand quick smart next time I see one. There’s also a great deck out the back and I’ve just planted some herbs, tomatoes and vegies in the garden bed.

I bet you can’t tell who spends most of their time in this room… boys will be boys and dont even ask me about the position of the bed.


It’s crazy how good daylight saving is given its just getting dark around 9:30-10pm and how productive we can be so late into the evening. The view from the back deck to the mountains behind change so often and this was a killer sunset I captured.

Work is going great guns and getting my head around all the components and projects going on. My new boss has an infectious energy which is so motivating and is such an asset to this organisation. I put on some angel wings last weekend and help spread the Christmas spirit in the local Christmas pageant. We were well received by the community so hopefully it put some smiles on those young faces.

We’ve spent most of our time getting the house in order so haven’t managed to do a lot of touristy stuff but with the time off over Christmas I’m sure we will get a chance to venture out. The produce available to us in Tasmania is just wonderful. There are so many markets around with Salamanca on Saturday and Farm Gate Market in Hobart on Sunday. I’ve been down there a few times already and have managed to sneak a few veggies into meals that Clint has actually enjoyed.


Well I’m going to get onto dinner now but I hope to keep the updates coming more often now we are settled in. 

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