Working away and enjoying the local sights and produce

I’ve already been working for 2 weeks. There’s no denying it was full on, after day 2 I was really wondering whether I had what was required to hack it but after the first week I had a grasp on the company and now feel I’m in control. Working for a not-for-profit organisation is a massive jump from a law firm but it’s one I don’t regret at all. They really spend significant time during the recruitment process so they employ the right people for the job. I saw this first hand this week with everyone being so helpful and welcoming. Everyone has this great energy and desire to want to make a better environment for those living in Tasmania and I’m glad I can be a part of it.

The rental searching has continued with Clint going to inspections while I’m at work. We have put in a number of applications but are yet to be accepted, it’s something we really didn’t expect but with less than 170 properties available for rent in the Hobart region we are competing with a large number for every place. We have a few applications still pending so hopefully one of those will come through.

Luckily we haven’t been stranded as my new boss had offered us some accommodation not far from where we were staying. He owns a shack down in Primrose Sands which looks directly over the beach. I guess I made a good impression in my first week given we are now living in his holiday house. This is the view from the balcony, talk about generous!



We spent last weekend relaxing and mainly stuck indoors as the rains came in thick and fast and stuck around into the evening. Luckily the shack has a wood fire which keeps the place toasty and warm.

The people of Tassie are very friendly. They have no hesitation to start up a conversation and are very much mindset of buying and supporting local producers which is something I really like to get behind. Once we get settled into a rental I can’t wait to find the local farmers markets and buy more of the produce. The pop up pizza truck that appeared in Dodges Ferry on Saturday night was a winner and certainly hit the spot even if Clint disagreed with the appearance of pineapple on pizza.

This weekend we went down to Salamanca markets and bought some great produce as well as enjoying fresh donuts. The custard filled one was the clear winner!

In the evening we enjoyed dinner and then watched the dolphins play around by the beach. Being able to watch them from the balcony is just perfect.

This morning we had a cook up for breakfast on the balcony. After pottering around the house we headed a further 15 minutes East towards Dunalley for lunch at Bangor wine and oyster farm. It was a glorious day sitting outside looking over the vines and the water enjoying some wine and food. This place was a great example of fresh local produce with the oysters farmed fresh this morning.



The drive on the way there is typical Tassie and continues to play to all our senses. Here are some shots for your enjoyment.



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