Employment & Property Searching

After arriving in Tasmania we have been eagerly searching and monitoring the property sites to find a suitable property to rent and set ourselves up in. A property in Sandton, south-east of Hobart, was inspected and suited our requirements perfectly. Unfortunately we were 1 of 15 other applications submitted and the tenant, which are breaking the lease, decided they wouldn’t be moving out until late November. It’s currently on the back up list.

We then inspected another property in Brighton, this time north of Hobart but still within our 30 minutes of the CBD requirement. The place was great and also had a workshop out the back which will allow Clint to be able get some work done at home. We submitted our application through to the agent on Wednesday but unfortunately were beaten by another applicant that knew the owners. Can’t help that but it seems this is going to be harder than we first imagined. Luckily everywhere we drive there is always water and green hills. 

In between our property searches I met with a recruiter to start to get my CV out within the Hobart community. It only took them 1 day to get me an interview and then I had to prepare myself over the weekend. I must say, I was rather nervous. My last interview was when I was 17 in Perth going for a receptionist position and this position was so very different to my previous experience. The position is an Executive Assistant position supporting the Executive Director for a not-for-profit organisation, which would certainly play within my EA strengths but also give me something new to work on and learn. After a stressful and very different interview on Monday afternoon I walked out confident with how I came across but still not sure what they thought of me and my answers. After a chat with my recruiter he said they would likely have an answer by the following afternoon so we will just wait and see.

Well see we did, by 10am I had a call and had been offered the position. 1 interview, 10 days in Tasmania and I already had a job! It really started to hit home that I had to start work in 1 week and we were still living in temporary accommodation. We needed to finalise a property so we could start to empty the container and get access to my car and the rest of my wardrobe so work could begin.

We have been staying in an AirBnB apartment for the last few days which is about 45 minutes from Hobart. Its very secluded and even has its own farm animals. The apartment is great as it has a good sized bedroom, new bathroom and washing machine, lounge and a full kitchen which has been nice to have some home cooked meals and save a bit of money. We’ve been to the supermarket a number of times already (probably more times than Clint has ever been in his life) and there are always a number of sweets in the trolley when we arrive at the checkout that sneakily made their way in there. I reward Clint for his great ability by allowing him to pay. 

Here’s Clint hanging with the local kids. 

As we haven’t lined up a rental property yet and I start work on Monday, we had to make the trip up to Devonport and get my car out of the container as the storage company aren’t open over the weekend. It’s about a 3 hour trip up to the top of Tasmania so we left early to make the most of the day. We kept our fingers crossed that the contents weren’t too shaken up and nothing has fallen onto the car’s. 

We arrived at the container storage depot and the container was brought out to the front so we could access it. It was one massive machine moving those containers around. 

Once we had our hi-vis vests on we were able to get into the container. The padlocks were removed and seal broken off and upon opening the doors we were very happy to see very little movement had occurred and the upper storage levels were still in the same condition as we had left them. Phew! 

We then had to pull out all of the large items that were blocking my car in. The really heavy stuff. Most of the items were fine with the two of us except for the bandsaw which is that blue machine on the left of the red sandblaster below. It really needs some wheels. I could barely budge it, I’m pretty sure Clint moved that one by himself. 

Once we got those last few items out I had to squeeze down the side of my car and remove all the straps that were securing the car. After contorting my body and smashing my knee on the container and my head on the outdoor couch which was strapped into the space above the bonnet of the car I made it out! Once Clint cut out the metal supports behind the back wheels which were welded in, the car was then free to drive out.  

Free, but not moving. It had a flat battery as the tailgate wasn’t closed properly. A hiccup but not one we couldn’t handle. We had to push it out as we couldn’t get to the battery given our very good tetris had the couch strapped in the way. The car was stuck in Park too so after a quick internet search Clint had his head around how to gain access to the shifter and managed to get it into neutral. I then pulled it out and the car was free. We easily jump started it and had to move back onto packing everything back in.

We smashed it out, locked it back up and then headed around the corner for some lunch. We sat down and were both wiped out. I don’t think we had realised we were just going non stop and had used up every bit of our energy. Luckily we weren’t rushed to get back so we had lunch and made sure we were right before hitting the road. 3 hours later we made it back to the apartment and settled in for the night. 

It’s Saturday tomorrow so we will get online again tonight and see if any rental properties are open for inspection. Hopefully my next post will be good news that we’ve found a property and the job is going well. 


One thought on “Employment & Property Searching

  1. Sounds like everything is coming together nicely. I thought finding a job would have been harder than finding a rental, hopefully that is the trend… oh and the bearded goat whisperer needs to find employment also. haha


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