Today we ventured up to Brisbane and enjoyed walking the streets being tourists. After a mid-morning iced coffee to cool ourselves down (as the temperature neared 30!) we headed across the Brisbane river towards Southbank.


Brissy Building.jpg

This cool sign of Brissy with the city as a backdrop was pretty cool. We had definitely warmed up after the walk so decided to take the Ferris Wheel or ‘Wheel of Brisbane’ for spin and enjoy the view of the city whilst cooling down in the air-conditioning. The views from up their were pretty cool but the structure itself was incredible to watch in action.

Brisbane Sign.jpg


After the wheel we took a walk along Southbank. From these arches below which were covered in Bougainvillaea to the pools, man-made beaches and gardens, this stretch of Brisbane, whilst was all free to access and use was just spectacular.

Southbank Arches.jpg


They even had a fully grown vegetable and herb garden in the middle which was flourishing!

We then ventured back to the car and headed up to the Planetarium. Perfect timing saw us seek into a show on black holes and planets which was right up our alley given all the Dr Karl and Science shows we’ve been listening too on the road.



After our science fix we headed up to the lookout before hitting the road back down to Paradise Point before the traffic started to take hold. As we have done on many of the towns and cities we have visited on the road we crammed in a lot but enjoyed every minute of it.

Brisbane City.jpg

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