Byron Bay

On Friday we left Tamworth and headed for Byron Bay. The roads out this way were a lot better which was good given they contained winding S bends up and down the hillsides for miles.

We had a very near miss early in the morning when a kangaroo jumped out in front of the vehicle in front of us. When you are travelling 110kms/hour and both cars slam on the brakes it was as close as it could’ve possibly been without a collision. We got the vision on the dash camera and it surely was as close as we remembered. It only took 2 seconds to go from full speed to a complete stop. The adrenaline then took hold and we were both in disbelief that we had come out with no damage.

Once we brushed that off after a few more hours of driving we stopped in at Tenterfield for a bite to eat for lunch and a re-fuel. We then headed East through Casino and Lismore and then straight up to Byron Bay.

I had seen and heard so much about Byron Bay. I’m not sure whether it’s always this extremely busy or just because its school /uni holidays and apparently a long weekend as well but luckily we found a campsite for the night.

After giving the car a clean we headed into town to have a look around. Most of the shops were unfortunately closed (Clint = happy) so after a stroll around we took a walk along the beach as the sun was setting. We then enjoyed some dinner on the grass listening to a local play some live music. It was nice to just sit there and listen to music and watch all the people and try to work out their stories. As it became dark we headed back to camp.

In the morning

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