Balranald // Cowra

We have been a little quiet over the last few days as we secretly headed up towards Brisbane for Clint’s stepdad Ken’s 60th birthday party. We’ve now celebrated and now the secret is out so I will be posting our last few trips so you can all see our path North. Here it is.

We left Adelaide and headed East towards Balranald. We were on the road for around 5-6 hours today but with little to stop off and see it was a rather direct route. We managed to be in 3 states in just the one day driving from South Australia through Victoria and into New South Wales in such a short span of time. No quarantine between these borders either as we had no idea we had crossed until our clocks jumped forward. Here was a tunnel built into the side of the mountain.


We stayed the night in Balranald caravan park which was situated right on the Murrumbidgee River. A lot of really nice grassed areas for us to pitch our swag for the night and the ducks were waddling around us happily.


We popped down to the local shops and picked up some food to cook on the camp barbecue and then jumped back in the swag. Being so close to the river the mosquitos were out in full force very early in the night although waking up in this location which such clear blue skies has become sought after.

After a quick bite to eat for breakfast and a coffee we were on our way North East to Cowra. We had been warned by a few campers that the roads where we were heading weren’t all open as they had a very large amount of rainfall and were flooded out. As we drove into West Wyalong we were stopped by main roads and asked which way we were headed and they gave us the best route out. We did have to detour off the roads we would’ve normally taken but apparently the roads weren’t just flooded but had been washed away entirely in some parts.


The roads for most of the way haven’t been in great shape with pot holes everywhere and main roads seemingly applying patch after patch so being attentive at all times is a must out here. We also came across some cows and sheep today so that was interesting. Off the road though continues to be amazing fields of canola. It’s so hard to capture how yellow they are but when they are sharply surrounded by some green like below it does start to show you the difference.



We made it to Cowra late afternoon and setup camp. After taking a drive around town and checking out the lookout point we grabbed some dinner and headed back. The women’s bathrooms were hilarious upon entry with these horrible pink tiles everywhere. If that couldn’t get any worse there are khaki green tiles on the floor and purple sinks. Once the shock wore off the shower was great and extra hot but here is a photo for your own consideration.

There was even a museum just next door which had a few nice old pieces.




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