Flinders Range // Adelaide

We left Whyalla and headed north towards Port Augusta or as we’ve found out, port-a-gutter.


After fuelling up we were on our way to Adelaide. The Flinders Ranges were in the distance and gave me something to photograph. I’m becoming quite good at taking photos in a car and surprisingly most of them work out and are clear. Even with the haze from the clouds they look great.


Plenty of farm land out this way too, only very small towns if any along the drive.


I even managed to get one of the small aeroplanes in flight spraying the fields.


There were so many wind farms, each time we came around another corner there was another group of them on the top of the hill.


We then made it into Adelaide city. We decided to stay the night in a cheap hotel and experience a nice bed and bathroom which, as I lay here in bed typing this, was surely a very good decision! We’ve both already had 1 shower and I’m already thinking about the one I’ll be having in the morning. It’s the small things in life that bring us joy.

Here are a few snaps from around town including Coopers Alehouse, SAHMRI (Research Institute), Church & Rundle Mall – the first pedestrian mall in Australia.


After checking out of our hotel we found this really funky place called Peter Rabbit for breakfast. We sat on the benches in the sun and enjoyed some good food and coffee before hitting the road.


One thought on “Flinders Range // Adelaide

  1. Lilly your doing a fantastic job keeping us updated,
    Like you said the things we do every day like having a shower when we can’t really appreciate the good things in life 🤗🤗🤗

    Keep safe 😘😘


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