Cocklebiddy // Border Post // The Nullarbor 

Our first stop heading north from Esperance was Norseman. We headed past the mine site to a lookout point at the top of the hill and stretched our legs.

After indulging in a mid-morning treat from the bakery we hit the road and traversed over the 90 mile straight which didn’t have much to offer the eyes. 

Road/Outback Landing Strip

After a good 6 hours of driving we called it a day in Cocklebiddy. Population 8. Camping and Caravaning temporary residents – 40. 

After setting up the swag we enjoyed a nice early dinner in the restaurant and headed to our cocoon for the night. It was surely a cold one with the wind chill but no rain which was good. The ground was solid red rocky dirt with no chance of getting a peg down so we were tied between a pole and the car’s rim. It worked perfectly. 

We crossed the border into South Australia and took the token photo with one foot in each state.

We then crossed over the Nullarbor Plains and I was surprised by the amount flora almost expecting it to be sparse of everything not just trees. We were on the road early and this allowed us to make a number of stops along the Great Australian Bight and enjoy the awesome cliffs.

A stop in at the Head of the Bight was perfectly timed to see a number of pods of whales frolicking off the coast. The view in one direction was towards the dunes and to the other was the cliffs and rock faces. 

Not a lot of phone reception out this way so will keep you posted when possible. 

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