On the road – Albany & Surrounds

Yesterday we made it to Albany. It was a rather nice drive and didn’t take too long at all even though the roads were quite busy. There were plenty of canola fields to look at which were stunning, green fields and the towns along the way kept our attention going.

We stayed the night at one of my close friend, Tiff & Brady’s place, in Albany. It was really nice to catch up with them and dinner down at 3 Anchors restaurant was really good. If you are ever around that way be sure to try the mushroom aranchini starter.

In the morning we headed over to Emu Point for some breakfast before hitting the road. A lovely view over the water from the cafe and a great coffee and breakfast was served.


A visit to Albany isn’t complete without the token “Dog Rock” picture.DSC_0041.JPG

We then hit the road and headed to Esperance. Not too many cars on these roads so it was a smooth drive and weren’t held up much at all. The car is performing really well and swag is still strapped onto the roof rack nicely.

More fields of canola and crops made the scenery just serene.


As we headed closer to Esperance we went past Pink Lake and although it wasn’t very pink it was a good chance to stretch the legs.


We will likely do a bit of sightseeing in the morning in and around Esperance and then head closer to the border.

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