That’s a wrap

After spending a number of days getting the R33 Skyline ready and listed for sale and clearing up a number of jobs we starting the wrap on the car.

The GTR recently had a closed door paint job done on it so we didn’t want to damage the new paint by driving across the Nullarbor with all the rocks and debris on the roads. We are wrapping the car in vinyl wrap which is a 3M thick film much like that material mum used to wrap books in, in primary school.

Here it is before the wrapping began.

Clint and I have watched a number of YouTube videos and are well equipped with the tools, knifeless tape and heat gun so Thursday midday we started the car.

5 hours of progress saw us wrap 5 panels. We learnt the hard way after progressing further after dinner that the wrap doesn’t bode well in freezing cold shed temperatures and becomes extremely sticky and rigid. We called it a night around 1am with 2 more of the white panels complete.

Work on Friday continued with a number of panels on the rear bumper and passenger side completed. Night time loose panels including the rear tail light surrounds were taken indoors on this occasion. We attached 1 side of the stickers too and here was the progress shot.

After catching up with some friends and family on Saturday we were back to it on Sunday with the majority of the white and blue panels completed. We dropped the R33 Skyline to Clint’s dad’s place and hopefully it won’t take long to sell.

Monday saw us work on the red panels with the bonnet, the boot, the mirrors, the rear spoiler and a number of other fiddly bits completed after running around doing a few more errands and getting another car brought to mum’s for temporary storage.

We finally finished the wrapping late on Tuesday night after spending the day wrapping the front bumper, roof, the remaining red panels, the red stripe down the side and all the remaining stickers. The roof rack was fitted and our swag is ready to be strapped on.

Here is the finished product!

Today is the day we are finally leaving Perth and are on the road to our first stop Albany. The morning was spent packing up and loading everything in the car, shuffling around some cars and saying our goodbyes.

Can’t wait to keep you all updated as we continue on this adventure. 

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