Locked & Loaded

After a full week of fitting out the container, lifting and moving boxes into the small crevices of the container to ensure we use up every inch of space, we have finally closed the doors!

The first part of layer 1 was the boxes. Also the heaviest but they did pack in nicely.

The next part was some of the weird shaped items (or so i thought until Clint came home with all of his tools, machine and car parts).

The Torana made its way into the container at the back and was strapped down and support posts welded into place so it has nowhere to go.

The upper layer above my Jeep included all of Clint’s tools, some outdoor furniture and as you can see the mattresses. I can tell you it was extremely hard to get that huge mattress up there and took a heap of effort and wiggling and required a ute to be backed up into the container so we had something to stand on without falling off the ladder. Everything is secured by the board and hopefully won’t move anywhere.

Once we managed to get all of those items in we just had the whitegoods, band saw, gardening tools and all those heavy items and awkward things left. It looked a bit messy in the end but worked out for the best.

I can barely move. I feel like I’ve moved about 10 houses into 1 x 40” container and I’m covered in bruises from crawling in the space above the car, beside the car, under and you the gist. We are going to be leaving in 1 week today and have so much to get done before we are ready to hit the road.

I’m looking forward to sharing our stories on the road but will spend this last week spending time with family and friends before we embark on this adventure together.


One thought on “Locked & Loaded

  1. Lily you and Clint have done amazing job
    Getting every thing in👍
    Enjoy your last week with family & friends ❤️

    Clint look after lily she has worked so hard 😊

    Love to you both 😘😘


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