House is rented and we are preparing to sleep under the stars.

Great news, my house has been rented out! The new tenants (and miniature dachshund) move in in just 2 weeks so with a little bit of gardening and some final cleaning inside and out, it will be all ready to go. Knowing I now have my mortgage covered is such a relief before we head off as it’s one last thing we don’t have to worry about eating into our pockets. It is sad to say goodbye to this house, it has treated me well for over 3 years but I’m sure the new tenants will take good care of it.


I did always love the light that poured into this house, especially with the high ceilings.


The list of things we need to take on the road continues to get longer but It’s better having back up plans rather than being stuck somewhere. We did have a laugh the other day because we were acting like we were driving into the desert with no phone coverage and no shops for weeks when in fact we will be surrounded by shops to buy anything we’ve forgotten in most places (except on the Nullarbor) and may only be out of major towns for a couple of days at the most.

Deciding on taking the smallest car in the fleet on the road probably wasn’t the smartest choice but It’s the one Clint wants to take so with the very small amount of space available in the back seat and boot we may have to go up! I know – roof racks on a Skyline doesn’t sound normal for this speed machine but it will come in very handy on our road trip and can easily be removed once we make it over to Tasmania. The research continues on parts that actually suit 2 door cars and more than likely Clint will need to custom make some parts to suit the car. Lucky for him, he’s pretty good at customising parts for cars as he does this for a living.

In order to save some cash and not blow it all on accommodation we invested in a double swag. My family used to go camping every year and I absolutely loved it! We may have brought the “Balfour Rain” with us everywhere we went so I hope Clint and I aren’t too jinxed for the future. Either way I’m looking forward to pitching the swag and sleeping under the stars as much as we can. We also decided to buy at just the right time as we got the swag below on sale for 50% off!


Anyway, the weeks are passing by quickly and the progress is steady so we hope to be on the road in less than a month.


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