Utes for sale

The never ending number of cars (happily now for sale) continues with both of Clint’s work utes now listed up for sale.

As with most of the cars they own this 2009 Holden Colorado ute has had a custom paint job so is looking mint. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that someone out there is looking for a great ute that looks as clean as this one.


As with each of the cars Clint and his business partner Cam sell this one shows off their custom painting skills.


Their other ute is a very clean standard 1995 VS Commodore V8 ute. It’s been cleaned up really well and really doesn’t look it’s age. Runs really well and has some serious grunt behind it.


I really hope that these 2 can find a nice home soon as the undercover area out the back of Clint’s house feels ridiculously more spacious and clean each time a car goes.

Well it looks like we have a couple of sunny days coming but unfortunately another wet weekend which does make it harder to get people out to look at the house but hopefully we can use these sunny days to get a few more things done on the house and cars (yep, just one more to get ready for sale)!

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