Constant and varied progress

After a number of extremely wet and wild days over the past week we finally got geared up on the R33 Skyline. I wasn’t too helpful as the majority of the work required was installing a number of new parts Clint had purchased or required his skills to clean and polish but I managed to clean the interior thoroughly and also scrubbed up a few welded pipes. It still needs a few more days work so hopefully early next week it will be ready to go.


This beauty above is Clint’s 4ZD1 Turbo 1977 TC Gemini Coupe and it really is a stunner. Clint has been tossing up whether to sell it or not for so many months and a couple of days ago decided to list it for sale to see what interest was around. I haven’t placed any pressure on him to sell this one given I know how much time and money has gone into it but he really is looking at the future and how we can best set ourselves up in Tasmania. If it sells for a good price I’m sure it will make it a lot easier to let go but I can see how much he loves this car as it’s like a child to him. If you would like to take a look at some more pics you can see them here

We have another home open on Sunday so having the keep the house clean and gardens in order is getting a little tiresome. I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end, let’s just hope a prospective buyer attends this weekend and we get some nice weather to show it off.

I have had some positive feedback and a number of people through my property over the past few weeks and have received one application so hopefully everything works out and they provide all the required information as I will be very happy to not have to worry about my mortgage for a while.

Clint has also spent a few days this week working on one of his work cars so hopefully by the end of the week they will get it finished and another car can be listed for sale.

I had a really nice lunch and catch up with a friend last Friday at Finlay & Sons at 917 Beaufort Street. I hadn’t been here before and was very impressed by the food. Hopefully I get a chance to revisit before we depart as the breakfast menu looked extremely good and we all know how much I love breakfast!

IMG_3068 - Version 2.JPG

Well the sun is starting to poke through the clouds so I better get back to it and hope to provide another update soon.

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