Reviving an oldie

This past week a lot of work was done on Clint’s Holden Gemini wagon. I must say the car has undergone a massive transformation in just a few days. I’m pretty sure its been sitting neglected for many years now but it’s a rare classic that I’m sure someone will want so it’s time to prepare another ad for sale and hopefully start to shift some of these cars.

The paint isn’t too good but I guess you can’t expect too much for a car that is 37 years old and still has it’s original paint! It’s amazing how polishing up all the steel, renewing the rubbers and providing the interior with some TLC can make such a difference.


The purple carpet has been removed (yes, it was as bad as you can imagine) and replaced with some brand new grey carpet which will be hardier. I must agree it’s looking pretty good and I’m sure there is someone out there keen to get their hands on one of these!


I was given the glorious job of cleaning up some rims that Clint wants to sell and I’m happy that they are now looking 100 times better than they were. Such a good cleaner I have become, being with a car nut.

Before ->IMG_2888.JPG

After -> IMG_2962.jpg

I tried so many different products and types of cloth and different adaptions for the drill to buff and polish it but when it came down to it the best product was the purple metal polish with a simple rag.


We also managed to get the Torana hatch moved to mum’s house today. Mum & Vince have been kind enough to house it in their shed until we relocate and have a shed of our own to move it too. So on the tilt tray it went and now it’s nicely sitting the corner of the shed. Hopefully it doesn’t have to sit there for too long and we’ll get it transported over to Tassie. Such a nice shade of green you say, perhaps we might have to buy a cover so mum doesn’t have to look at it…


Well now the Gemini is ready to sell we must move onto the R33 skyline. A few things to do  and we have some nice weather tomorrow as well so better make the most of it.

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