The Hummus Club

Having worked in the city for so many years it’s always exciting when you find something new open up. The Hummus Club, a middle eastern eatery,  popped up in trinity arcade and quickly found quite a following given the diverse and different food they were serving up in quick succession. Perfect for a stop for lunch before returning back to the rat race at the office.

My first experience had me ordering the Club Mix which includes 3 falafel, salad and tahini served on the classic hummus with a side of the fresh pita bread. It was delicious and certainly something we haven’t seen from any of the restaurants/lunch bars etc in the CBD so I was surely going to be returning again soon.


My second visit of many, I chose to order the Shroom which much like the name was sautéed mushrooms in garland onion and with the addition of some falafel was the winning combination. I ordered this many times in the future.


Whilst I was sad to see The Hummus Club close from it’s pop up in the city I was very happy to hear that they were opening their own independent store in Northbridge and I hope they continue to be successful in the years to come.

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