Artwork just seems to complete a room. You can have the most amazing furniture and homewares styled perfectly but a room just doesn’t seem to feel whole until you have found and hung that artwork on the wall.

I came across Aquabumps whilst on Instagram last year and I am so glad I did. Uge (as he is known to most people and subscribers to his daily email) is an incredibly talented photographer based in Bondi. His shots of the beach, surf and the local areas in Sydney as well as taking us along on his journey whilst he is on holidays he just knows how to achieve a perfect photo, no matter the location.

Last year I saved up some money because I knew I needed to have one of his pieces in my home. Coming to a decision as to which one to choose was surely the hardest part. I settled on Technicolour Panoramic of South Bondi and here is the piece in my bedroom.



After enjoying the above piece for so long I was very excited to hear that Aquabumps was doing a collaboration with one of my other favourites, Blacklist. The combination of stunning green waters with surfers in tow with Nathan from Blacklist’s signature writing of ‘Sea Love’ just jumped out and appealed to my senses.

I was quick to purchase this beauty and managed to get #4 of the limited edition of 300 available. This photo and the colours make me happy when I look at it every morning. I can’t wait to find a new house in Tasmania so these two pieces can adorn the walls.


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