Wax on Wax off

I’m happy to report that work on the cars is progressing nicely. My Jeep is up for sale on Carsales and it’s had a thorough vacuum after the move left a lot of random dirt and bits of succulents behind. All 3 of Clint’s business cars are also up for sale so hopefully they start getting some enquiries soon.

Clint has taught me how to buff, wax and polish my car which is certainly something I never thought I would be doing. I’m managing to get the paint back up to a better than new quality and remove those small scratches that seem to appear from general wear. I must say that it is not an easy job. After giving the panels a good wash and dry I then had to go through a 4-step process on every single panel of the car and apparently I’m a weakling as I had to keep swapping hands give the machine was a little on the heavy/awkward side. Nothing like a workout and progress on the car in one!

The result though is nothing short of amazing! The panels are like a mirror and the pictures just don’t do it justice. But let me at least try to show you these results.

Before – it looked like this ->

Before Photos

After, it now looks like this ->

After Photos

Shocking right? I guess the long process was worth it. I know I still have a lot to learn because I spent the entire day asking Clint questions but I do enjoy learning so I’m glad he continues to teach me these new skills. Let’s just hope one day I can return the favour and get him in the kitchen!

The finished result looks great and here is the full view.


Clint also managed to get a heap of work done on his Gemini wagon and even drove it around the block to give it a run. I’m not sure how many years it’s been sitting there for but soon it will have a new home and hopefully get used as a daily driver.

Tomorrow is a new day and more work is too be done on the cars and house so let me get back to making a checklist for tomorrow otherwise I could quite easily find myself sitting on the couch in front of the tv, scrolling on Instagram all day.

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