The Sparrow’s Nest

This little cafe has become quite a regular of mine since living in St James as it’s only a coupe of minutes drive to the Vic Park cafe strip. The Sparrow’s Nest cafe is located on Albany Highway in East Victoria Park and serves a range of breakfast and lunch items. Breakfast, which is served all day (top points!), keeps me coming back.

I rolled out of bed a little later than usual after last years work Xmas party and decided on the poached eggs on toast, served with bacon, rocket and tomato relish. On the side was the banana smoothie which no matter how many times I order it, is a knockout! The breakfast never disappoints and the combination of the tomato relish with some greenery to cut through the heaviness of the eggs and bacon makes a winning recipe. I’ll certainly be back to order this one again.


I must say I do have a sweet tooth and these pancakes were quite spectacular. Served with ice-cream, maple syrup and berries the three mixed together made me quite content. You’ll see that banana smoothie appear again as I couldn’t stop thinking about it!


I have returned a number of times and have had coffee here and it is also very good!

I hope that you’ll give this place a visit and have as good a time as I have.

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