Meet the Maker

In early June I was lucky enough to attend the open house “meet the makers” event at Stackhouse in Fremantle. This warehouse was in true Fremantle style and included a number of different makers in their element.

One of those people I was fortunate enough to meet was Simone from Winterwares. These handcrafted ceramics are truly original and each have their very unique elements. I bought 3 pieces on the day and each of those have been used a number of times already and I am sure they will be used many times in the years to come.


The white large bowl is finished in this lovely speckled eggshell glaze with slightly irregular edges which adds to its original glory. The large bowl of nachos that Clint and I shared was a perfect way to break in the bowl.


The blue bowl has been used for so many different things too. From salads that are perfect for the 2 of us to smoothie bowls and yogurt and muesli breakfast bowls which are a definite favourite of mine.

Whilst all of the pieces feel extremely fragile they are actually very hardy and this piece is actually made of porcelain (kiln fired to 1280) which adds to its strength. The detailing of the stitched rope around the edge is such a beautiful addition to this light blue bowl.


The last of the selection is the latte cup. Whilst mentioned last it has surely been the most widely used (perhaps thrashed) given my love of coffee! This stunning piece is the perfect size, shape and holds so perfectly to your hand.


All of the pieces have the signature stamp imprinted on the bottom which really brings it back to its heritage and originality.

I certainly look forward to adding a few more pieces to my collection in the not too distant future.


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