Packing, selling and asking each other “which box can I find this packed in”?

I finished up at work 3 weeks ago and I can’t believe how quick these last weeks have flown by! I spent the first 2 weeks packing and boxing up my entire house and moving it all to Clint’s house so I could get mine rented out. It’s now in the hands of LJ Hooker Vic Park so fingers crossed I find a tenant soon so they can enjoy the glorious orange trumpet vine in its flowering glory. This is my very lovely 1950’s cottage that I wasn’t quite ready to part with!main

I have certainly found out that 2 people moving in together that both already have a full house worth of furniture each means a chock-a-block full house and why do they always have 1 doorway that nothing seems to fit through so you have to contort your body and the item in 10 different directions before you manage to get it through successfully. Luckily Clint has been very accommodating and has managed to sell a lot of his furniture so we only take with us what we know we want to have in our new house in Tasmania. I guess ill have to try to accommodate that Star Wars lamp and wall art (perhaps an xbox/theatre room has just moved up on our must have list for finding a house)!

I’m glad in the last few months we have both been writing many, many checklists of items that we needed to get done as it hasn’t just helped during the move to remind me what I needed to do and in what order but has kept us both in check to ensure we are both moving forward and progressing towards our eventual departure. It is also very satisfying crossing off each item as it’s completed – perhaps thats the management side of me coming out.

The next focus, let’s get some of these cars sold. When I say this to people they clearly underestimate how many cars we have to sell. 1, 2 no – 6 is more like it and that’s excluding the 4 we are keeping (tell me about it)! 3 of those are owned jointly between Clint and his business partner, 1 is my Jeep Compass and the other 2 are Clint’s, his  Gemini wagon and R33 Skyline which I must say has a top notch paint job as he roped me into assisting with this very early on in our relationship so we are both very proud of how it looks! This is Billy —>


Now I better get back to cleaning and sorting as we are opening Clint’s house on Sunday so fingers crossed we get some dry weather and a buyer through.

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